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GoToJobBoard turns 3

On 01st May 2014 a simple website launched with a mission: to raise the awareness of non-medical job roles within the NHS, to get more people into work for the NHS in these roles and to change the online recruitment industry. From these humble beginnings has had a roller coaster of a ride over the last 3 years but on the Bank Holiday just passed (Monday 01st May 2017) the website celebrates reaching its third year in operation. This is a massive achievement as most start-ups don’t make it past the 3 year mark but GoToJobBoard has and is now ready to make a real impact on the industry.

Some of the most significant achievements have been made within the last year, notably:

  • GoToJobBoard is now an award winning business as it won its first award at the OnRec Awards in London on Thursday 09th March 2017 for the Best Creative Offline Marketing Campaign Award
  • GoToJobBoard hosted their first ever live award ceremony and celebrated their Unsung Hero Awards on Friday 03rd February 2017
  • GoToJobBoard achieved both local and national news coverage for their Unsung Hero Award in 2016
  • Speaking engagements at several job centres across Greater Manchester
  • Video interviews with non-medical NHS professionals to highlight what it takes to work for the NHS in these amazing jobs
  • Relaunched and upgraded the website onto a new platform with a whole host of new features to support the various users


These achievements and more are a testament to the incredible hard work put in by the GoToJobBoard team which has grown considerably since we started across three departments: Client Services, Candidate Support and Marketing. The team’s continued dedication to customer service and going the extra mile is a true inspiration and what is most exciting is that this is just the beginning.

GoToJobBoard has big plans for the future: Planning has already begun for the next Unsung Hero Award to be held early next year and the aim is to get over 500 attendees this year.  More awards are on the horizon and GoToJobBoard will be aiming to win some new categories in 2018. Targets are increasing and the team is incredibly motivated to not just hit them but to exceed them.

This article is intended as a thank you to everyone who has worked with GoToJobBoard over the last three years, both Jobseekers and Recruiters alike. A massive thank you also goes out to all the partners we have worked with. GoToJobBoard would not be where it is today without your continued support so thank you!

We are GoToJobBoard, we do things differently…

Check out this video for more info:


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