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GoToJobBoard Hosts Get Into Work Seminar

What do Home Instead Senior Care, the UK’s leading provider of senior care service and GoToJobBoard; a specialist non-medical job board have in common? Well, on Monday the 7th of November GoToJobBoard hosted the first ‘Get Into Work Seminar’ in conjunction with Rise Manchester. The event focused on the importance and relevance of care work, and also acted as a successful networking opportunity. The event was the first in a series, designed with the sole purpose of connecting recruiters and candidates in the most personable way possible: in a friendly, stylish and informative setting.  

The event was opened and closed by Mark Cherry, Operations Manager for GoToJobBoard, who put the speakers and the audience at ease. For the event we worked with top recruiters from Home Instead Senior Care, all of whom collectively cover the Greater Manchester area. Each guest speaker was allotted a scheduled spot to take to the stage and educate our eager audience on the virtues of care work. The ladies from the separate franchises explained that Home Instead Senior Care aim to give the kind of care that you would want for your own families. To implement this level of care all caregivers are matched with the people in need of care on the basis of personal interests, and location. So not being able to drive, for example, did not necessarily act as a barrier in securing paid care work. To further emphasise the type of care work that they do, and the type of carer that Home Instead Senior Care look for, a short video shot by Manchester TV was aired. 

The first speaker of the event - Alison Broadhurst, from South Manchester and North Trafford, explained how Home Instead Senior Care supports all of their cares at every stage of the process, whilst at the same time fact-checking potential carers for important references. Furthermore, they look for innate qualities, such as: kindness, personability and reliability in all potential care workers. Clare Cliff was the next speaker on stage and her talk focused on reassuring the audience that carers come in many forms. For example: Have you ever cared for a family member, or friend? Have you worked in customer services and had to interact with patience and tact? Have you brought up children or had face-to-face contact with other people? If so, then you have already worked in a caring capacity! Mrs Cliff went on to specify that when potential carers call her and ask ''am I too old to be a carer?'', she always responds with the fact that in care work there is no upper age limit, In fact some of the best carers are older men and women, as they can often be more comfortable in personal situations, such as hygiene.

The last speaker of the day was Nardia Lloyd-Ashton from Skills for Care, who was particularly praised for her fresh approach to breaking down barriers when it comes to care work. To do this Nardia walked the audience through the Skills for Care website and mentioned the Think Care Careers page, which listed detailed information on how to be an effective carer. In short, life experiences and innate qualities, such as those mentioned above, are oftentimes more important than formal education. 

The audience at the event was made up of people from diverse backgrounds, culturally speaking, but that did not stop the conversation flowing during the coffee break! The speakers engaged fantastically well with the audience, through the use of visual media in the form of video, and through interactive games, such as the 'Dementia Ball', which is designed to promote the innate skills of care work – namely, knowing how to relate to people no matter their age and illicit a great conversation. 

Also present at the event were our in-house marketing team and The EWord; a digital marketing company who collectively photographed and filmed the event. Afterwards the majority of our speakers were more than happy to speak to the camera regarding how they felt the event had gone, as well as to conclude that they would be happy to be involved in future events of a similar nature.    

The Networking portion of the event concluded a successful morning, by allowing recruiters and potential candidates to have one-on-one time to get to know each other better. During this final portion of the morning all members of the event were able to talk in a friendly and comfortable setting, and to exchange contact information with ease. There were light refreshments on-hand and a positive experience was reported by the majority of attendees. 

The Get Into Work Seminar marked an original and innovative way to connect candidates with recruiters and vice versa. The understanding in the non-medical job market industry is that GoToJobBoard is becoming known to go the extra mile to break down barriers and to connect job seekers with employers. The staff at GoToJobBoard would like to thank Alison Broadhurst, Clare Cliff, Liz Rhodes and Susan Robinson from Home Instead Senior Care, as well as Nardia Lloyd-Ashton from Skills for Care, and all the staff at Rise Manchester. 


Look out for our next seminar!

Written by Laura Tomlinson, Marketing Assistant at GoToJobBoard. 

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