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Unsung Hero Award

GoToJobBoard announce the winners of the Unsung Heroes Award 2015/2016

Too often, the incredible work that NHS staff do every single day goes unnoticed. At GoToJobBoard we have made it our mission to thank the 1.7 million people doing an outstanding job in Non-Medical Non-Clinical sectors of the NHS.

Mark Cherry at GoToJobBoard explains, “There is a lot of negative press on the NHS, which is why we devised the ‘Unsung Heroes’ award to spread positivity and give the dedicated NHS staff all the credit they deserve. 49% of the roles within the NHS are Non-Medical Non-Clinical, but too often these essential roles are overlooked for the work of doctors or nurses.”

Since the beginning of December last year, people have been encouraged to nominate anyone on the Non-Medical Non-Clinical side of the NHS who have gone above and beyond in their job. GoToJobBoard were inundated with a number of heart-warming nominations about the incredible people who have dedicated themselves tirelessly to patient care and excellent service.

From administrative assistants, to speech therapists, to ward clerks, trauma schedulers and even a bereavement counsellor, these nominations reflect how NHS staff are excelling. Every Unsung Hero nomination highlighted the fact that the selfless and dedicated nature of these NHS workers to make a patient more comfortable and do the best job possible.

Here are some examples of the wonderful nominations that we received:

At St. Peter’s Hospital in Ashford supervisor Linda Weertman worked tirelessly “in ensuring both patient and staff satisfaction, often putting herself out to keep everything running smoothly.”

While Macmillan Information Centre volunteer Marion Rudman “carried on supporting patients throughout her own personal bereavement.”

Nicola Davies, a pre-assessment nurse comes in to work an hour early every day to ensure that she can greet all the patients to put them at ease before their eye appointments. According to her boss she is “the most amazing human on the planet.”

Unfortunately, there could only be three winners. After a lot of deliberation, we chose three selfless people who personified the Unsung Hero spirit:

·Billy Fisk, a trauma and orthopaedics scheduler always treats patients as individuals and was chosen for his selflessness

·Ghislane Webster, an admin assistant in Paediatric therapy was nominated for her ability to put children at ease and provide a source of comfort in difficult times.

·Finally, Sue Buckley, a receptionist at Alexandra Hospital in Redditch actually saved a man’s life with her quick actions when he showed signs of having a heart attack.

These Non-Medical / Non-Clinical workers have been instrumental to the care of their patients and the success of the NHS. 


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