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GoToJobBoard: We are different

With so many job boards available to jobseekers today GoToJobBoard wanted to do something that was a bit different. Back in 2016, in collaboration with the Job Centre Plus, GoToJobBoard hosted it’s first “Get into Work Seminar” geared at jobseekers interested in working as Healthcare Assistants. This went so well the idea resulted in them inviting GoToJobBoard to deliver a speaking engagement to the work coaches at the Job Centre Plus office in Didsbury. Since then, GoToJobBoard have delivered speaking engagements at Job Centre Plus offices in Rusholme, Wythenshawe, Hulme and Openshaw to name but a few.

These speaking engagements were all geared around highlighting the amount of job opportunities that were available in the NHS currently, specifically in non-medical job roles. They also gave GoToJobBoard an opportunity to explain the online recruitment industry in more detail, myth-busting common misconceptions and explaining how jobseekers should use an online job board properly to actually get a job at the end.

This relationship with the Job Centre Plus has also enabled GoToJobBoard to gain invites to job fairs across Greater Manchester. These job fairs are usually reserved for direct employers or recruitment agencies but GoToJobBoard were recognised for their customer service and ambition to help jobseekers understand the online recruitment process in more detail and learn how to improve their chances to gain employment.

On Wednesday 10th May 2017, GoToJobBoard attended Longsight Job Centre Plus’ Job Fair and it was a truly inspirational and humbling experience. Even though unemployment figures have dropped over the last couple of years there are still a very large number of people out of work for a variety of reasons. This jobs fair was full of jobseekers from various backgrounds and circumstances but what was most encouraging was that the queue for the GoToJobBoard stand was one of the longest. It was so long in fact that the organisers took most of the jobseekers into a private meeting room so that GoToJobBoard could deliver a group presentation and make sure that everyone got the information they needed.

The reason that this event was so inspirational was simply down to the sheer number of jobseekers who were really interested in working for the NHS and were baffled to hear about the different types of opportunities that were available, in particular in non-medical positions. This reinforced the importance of GoToJobBoard’s mission: to raise the awareness of non-medical NHS and Healthcare opportunities available and to get more people into work for the NHS.

If you are currently out of work or visiting Job Centre Plus job fairs, keep an eye out for the GoToJobBoard stand as we are different and we are committed to getting more and more people into work.

Written by Mark Cherry (Operations Manager at

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