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Unsung Hero Award

Ghislaine Webster: One of the Winners of the GoToJobBoard NMNC NHS Unsung Hero Award

At the East Cheshire NHS trust in the paediatric services department, Ghislaine Webster works as an administrative assistant.

Ghislaine was nominated for the Unsung Heroes NHS award by her colleague Julie who initially didn’t tell her but did in the end. When asked how she felt when she was told that she won the award Ghislaine said “I just can’t believe it, it’s crazy. It’s been a whirlwind since I was nominated and I’m just very thankful and very shocked.”

A helpful, kind and efficient woman, Ghislaine was nominated for her dedication to her role within the paediatric services department. The way that she greets the patients, who are often children, makes a real difference to their day and Ghislaine brings toys in to put them at ease.

Ghislaine has been working for the NHS since 1991 when she saw an advert for a payroll job in the organisation. She chose a career in the NHS for the promise of more financial benefits and the prospect of better training with the opportunity for career progression.

When asked if this has been the case, Ghislaine confirmed that there has been a lot of training and support. Although she’s now in a lower pay band, it was a decision made after an illness that made Ghislaine take stock and realise that life is not all about the money. She admitted “I love my job, I love the people that I work with and the company I’m working in.”

On a day to day basis, as a receptionist, Ghilsaine spends a lot of time answering calls and any enquiries that come through the office. Bookings and appointments have to be managed, cancelled or rearranged so there is a lot of telephone work. In the department, the speech therapists make requests for tasks to be done or ask Ghislaine to write up some notes which she’s always happy to do.

Ghislaine loves the people that she works with because they’re “so nice.” A lot of the time children come into the department for appointments that aren’t always fun, so Ghislaine tries her best to be cheery and make them happy.

Aside from winning this award, Ghislaine’s favourite part of the role is the thanks that she gets from people. She said “it’s the little things, like a simple thank you that mean so much. It’s nice to know that by being lovely you’re making a positive difference to their life”.

“Everyday is great and I am so happy to be here, it sound cheesy but it really doesn’t feel like a job.”

Ghislaine would recommend that anyone who is thinking of working in the NHS to go for it. Jobs can be hard to come by, but there are many different roles available in the NHS that there is something to suit everyone. She actually worked as a work experience coordinator so understands the value of this because it gives people an inside view and a real impression of what it’s like to work in the NHS.

And finally, Ghislaine commented that “a lot of people think the NHS is just doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers, but it’s so much more.”

Nominate your unsung hero!

Ghislaine is right - the NHS is much more than doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers. Say thank you to a special non-medical or non-clinical worker by nominating them for the Unsung Hero awards 2016 - open now!

Ghislaine Webster


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