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Female Leaders in the NHS

Being a female leader is sometimes perceived as a challenging and unusual job to do. However, the number of female managers tends to grow and reality proves that women have certain characteristics that make them successful leaders. There seems to be positive news for women when we talk about their contribution to the NHS workforce: 41% of the chief executive roles at the NHS are taken by women.

On the 14th June 2016 we attended an event organised by NHS Employers, in partnership with the HSJ Women Leaders Network, which gathered together women leaders working in health and care. The inspirational speech from the first British female astronaut, Helen Sharman opened the event and encouraged others to share their experiences. According to our observation, there are three keys for effective leadership that we have learned from NHS women.

1.Face the challenges.

We all can fear failure, but we have nothing to lose if we simply try. Ambition is a path to success. It doesn’t matter if we fail – it’s a matter of give it a go and inspire others to do the same. 

2.Invest in your own development.

It is crucial to keep on moving forward. The leader should stay flexible to see opportunities and always look for new information, insights and ideas. Wise leaders grow

3.Create a network. 

It is helpful to become an extrovert sometimes and meet new people who can bring changes in our professional life. To progress in the career it is beneficial to get a mentor or a sponsor who might inform and give an advantage.

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Written by Tatiana Prichislenko, Marketing Manager at GoToJobBoard. 


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