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Could you be a Healthcare Assistant?

Care work is a category of work that is extremely rewarding. It includes all tasks that directly involve care processes done in service of others. Therefore, it provides opportunities to help improve people’s standards of living on a daily basis.

Healthcare assistants (HCA) focus on the responsibility to provide service for dependents, such as children, disabled, elderly, long-term ill and individuals with learning difficulties.

What is the role of Healthcare Assistant?

The nature of the Healthcare Assistant job will vary depending upon the area of work.

There are different Job Titles used to search for Healthcare Assistant jobs. They can include Care Worker, Support Worker, Care Giver, Carer, Care Assistant, Personal Assistant and Healthcare Assistant.

1. Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) can work in NHS hospital or community settings together with other qualified healthcare professionals, such as nurses, midwives or General Practice (GP) surgeries. Sometimes staff working in HCA roles are known as Nursing Assistants, Nursing Auxiliaries or Auxiliary Nurses.

As well as nurses and doctors, Healthcare Assistants have a lot of contacts with patients. The duties in a hospital or health centres may include:

  • Making and changing beds
  • Assisting with personal care (e.g. washing and dressing patients)
  • Helping people to move around
  • Serving meals and helping to feed patients
  • Providing emotional support (e.g. talking to patients)
  • Monitoring patients’ conditions
  • Taking samples (e.g. blood samples)
  • Sterilise equipment
  • Assist with health education work


2. Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) can also work in a care home or in people’s own homes. In that case, their work often involves travelling to different people’s houses. Sometimes staff working as a care worker in the community are called Domiciliary Carers.

The main role of a Care Worker is to provide support to a person in need of care, improving their lives by attending to their specific needs, and assisting them with their daily tasks:

  • Learning life skills such as cooking or budgeting
  • Providing emotional support
  • Staying with individuals in their own home and care for them on a long or short term basis (e.g. Weekend Care Assistant job)
  • Supporting with social and physical activities
  • Assisting with mobility, accompanying to appointments
  • Helping with housework tasks
  • Helping with personal care (e.g. helping to dress)
  • Monitoring individuals’ conditions and helping with medication


Whether you work as a Healthcare Assistant in the hospital or as a Support Worker at the care home, you have a unique opportunity to bring hope and inspiration into someone’s life.

If you are friendly, compassionate and willing to change people’s lives for the better, a career in care is something that you can succeed in. Read our guide for working in a Healthcare Assistant role and see if you have the right knowledge and skills to find a job as a carer.

Alternatively, we have a number of fantastic opportunities for healthcare assistants of all kinds across the UK available right now. Check all care worker jobs here to see if there is a role for you. Get in touch with recruiters by applying today!

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Written by Tatiana Prichislenko, Marketing Manager at GoToJobBoard


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