Could you be an NHS Project Manager?

05 May 2021

Getting a job as a Project Manager in the NHS or Healthcare sector has never been so important and rewarding as it is now. As we start to see the end of the "Covid" tunnel, the NHS and other healthcare providers, care homes etc. need to get back to business as usual and experienced project managers...

10 Skills Every NHS Worker Needs

28 Apr 2021

Each Non-Medical NHS job is different, yet there are certain attributes that everyone who wants to works in the health service needs. Find out what they are.

5 NHS interview questions you should prepare for

28 Apr 2021

If you’re interviewing for a non-clinical NHS role, you may be wondering what you can expect from the process. In our experience, these are the questions that tend to crop up regularly when NHS organisations are searching for non-medical staff.

A guide to landing a non-medical job in the NHS

28 Apr 2021

Applying for any job in the NHS can be difficult to get right. GoToJobBoard shares its top tips to help you land your next non-medical, non-clinical role.

Could you be a Healthcare Assistant?

28 Apr 2021

The role of a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) can be varied depending upon the area in which the person is employed. Find more about Healthcare Assistant job here.

Guide to working for the NHS in an Admin role

28 Apr 2021

Find out how you can get an Admin role within the NHS.

Guide to working in an NHS Project Manager role

28 Apr 2021

What skills and qualifications do you need to become an NHS Project Manager? Read this article to learn all about it

How to create a winning CV for NHS job applications (Non-Medical/Non-Clinical positions)

28 Apr 2021

"?There is a wealth of information available on the Internet about building a good CV that will give you the best possible chance of being invited for an interview – however, there are some extra factors to consider when applying for a role within the NHS..."

How to get your CV past any agency recruiter!

28 Apr 2021

How to work with recruiters. Non-Medical/ Non-Clinical jobs in the NHS receive such a high number of applications that it is not easy to make your CV stand out. Find out from an experienced recruiter how you could create the best impression with your CV and get invited to an interview. ...

Non-Medical roles in the NHS

28 Apr 2021

The National Health Service is currently regarded as the fifth-largest employer in the world in terms of its total workforce, and as a result, there are a wide variety of NHS career paths that do not require any medical background. While healthcare-related staff members undoubtedly provide an esse...

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