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LinkedIn is where I post all of the new IT & Digital NHS/Healthcare jobs  I find whilst skipping through cyberspace! I love hearing from recruiters and use it to showcase their insider tips... sometimes I'll share a page from my secret diary or share a #selfie. I love making new friends!  Be a friend? Digit x
Beep-Boop!  Digit is  THRILLED ( not only to eat your tasty CV uploads) but to make your acquaintance! Welcome to GoToJobBoard - the niche board that makes gaining your next IT/Digital job in Healthcare a piece of cake! Talking of treats... if you haven't yet uploaded your CV, why not click here to feed a ravenous robot? GoToJobBoard is the free career site for every IT & Digital Healthcare/NHS job seeker. Digit is here to help - every step of the way. That's not all, folks! Digit is a thoughtful friend and is currently rustling up some BOOPTASTIC gifts! Including a free e-book: "The Greatest CV in the World" - by A.I. Digit Esquire. You have niche skills - we have a niche board.    
Digit is hungry... At Go To Job Board we have to constantly serve up CV's (yes, that's right!) CV's for this hungry bot! He especially loves IT & Digital CV's because that's his background and he loves everything about IT & Digital.  We originally built Digit to look after all the CV's of those people who are looking for an IT & Digital job in the NHS or other parts of the Healthcare sector. Once eaten - often with hot sauce - Digit can get to work on matching the right IT candidates with the right NHS jobs or Healthcare jobs. You have niche IT & Digital skills, we have a niche Job Board Want to feed a ravenous robot ? Click here to upload YOUR CV dinner! 
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