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Cyber Security Jobs in the NHS Cyber security is a vital and growing part of the NHS. Could you imagine if your patient record or any of the records of your friends and family were hacked?  What if your local hospital was held to ransom by malicious software called ransomware.  Even medical equipment can be vulnerable to security breaches. Day in and day out UK Government departments such as NHSX, now a part of the NHS Transformation Directorate, are working to strengthen cyber security resilience across our NHS (more information can be found at here ). Do you have the necessary skills to work in cyber security? Before we get into the very specific skills and knowledge necessary for a good cyber security specialist there are several basic attributes you need in order to see if you would enjoy a career in the NHS as a cyber security specialist. ·         Do you have an inquisitive mind?  ·         Are you good at problem-solving? ·         How technical are you? ·         Can you communicate clearly? ·         Do you have a focussed mind?  ·         Are you keen to learn? If you have all, or most, of the above characteristics and would like to explore a career in NHS cyber security further, then see how many correct answers you get to the following quiz (all the answers are given at the bottom of the blog). The top 10 cyber security questions asked at NHS interviews The following questions have been compiled from several recent NHS interview questions on cyber security. 1.      Define cyber security? 2.      Why is cyber security important for the NHS? 3.      What does ISMS stand for? 4.      What is ISO27001? 5.      Describe the two most important issues ISO27001 accreditation addresses. 6.      What does SIEM stand for? 7.      What is IPS and IDS – are they the same? 8.      What are the most common types of cybersecurity attacks. 9.      What is the best protection against cyber-attacks? 10.  What is a cybersecurity risk assessment?   So, how many did you get right?  Between 6 and 10 then an NHS career in cyber security could be an excellent fit.  Anything below this may mean you should still try for a career in the NHS but perhaps an entry level within the IT/Digital department could be a great start! Check out our latest NHS/Healthcare jobs in IT/Digital here. Happy job hunting! Your friend, Digit The Robot 🤖 Answers 1.    Cyber security is how we reduce the risk of a cyber-attack.  Its main function is to protect technology from attack.  This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and servers.  In the NHS this can also include complex medical devices. 2.    The NHS stores vast amounts of patient and related data across the UK in potentially vulnerable computer systems. Good cyber security is not just about protecting this information, it is also fundamental for ensuring the safety, privacy and trust of patients. 3.       Information Security Management System. 4.    ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard on how to manage information security. 5.    Accreditation to ISO 27001 will help you avoid security threats. Specifically cyber criminals breaking into your organisation and data breaches caused by internal staff making mistakes. 6.    Security information and event management 7.      IPS is an intrusion prevention system while IDS is an intrusion detection system.  They are not the same. Both systems will detect a cyber security threat while an IPS will block the attempted threat and/or remediate the incident. 8.      Malware, ransomware, password attack, spam and phishing. 9.      Complex passwords regularly changed, antivirus software, firewalls, IPS, 2 factor authentication, regular backups, regular software updates 10.  A cybersecurity risk assessment shows the various information assets that could be affected by a cyber-attack (such as hardware, systems, laptops, customer data, and intellectual property), and then identifies the various risks that could affect those assets.
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